2018-(09) Don’t Stop Gilet, Gilet!

Listen, I’ve spent enough time in bike crowds. With bike dudes who use phrases like “allez!” and “peloton” and “handlebars” like it’s common parlance. Those dudes are too often contributors the reasons I bike less these days. Those dude also often use the term “gilet”. A gilet is an article of clothing that covers the upper body. It extends from the waist to the base of the neck, occasionally with a stand-up collar, and outward to the armpits with no sleeves present.

If that sounds like a vest to you, you’re not mistaken. Gilet is the french term for a vest, but for some reason we’re supposed to ignore the fact that we already have the perfectly acceptable term “vest”. Shit, dawg, if you’re feeling a bit dandy, you can even call it a waistcoat.

Whatever you choose to call them, you should know how rad they are. If I could even find a proper orange-red M. McFly vest, I’d run that ’til death. Maybe you get one with the western arcuates? Still rad. Maybe you get the Deray McK? Rad and signaling. Good moves. But there are two killers out there, somewhere, right now.

The first is this Nike AAE 1.0 piece that is sold out everywhere. I guess we can just ogle it for a minute.


That zip-zip high collar. Those front pouch pockets for cell phones and cigarettes. It’s good to know these pieces are out there, even if you’ll never see them. Like a giraffe, or the mighty buffalo.

The next vest we need to highlight is this beast from Volcom:


OF COURSE IGUCHI IS COMING AT YOU SANS SLEEVES. That dude is making all of his own rules in snowboards right now. This thing is top to bottom. Sure, that patch cluster at the breast is a little goofy, but it’s all tonal. No one is really going to concern themselves with it. On the backside, it’s got pockets for shovels and probes and snowboard if you’re hiking, but not splitting. And on the front…look at all those pockets. Here is a partial list of things you can carry in all those pockets:

  • Cellular phones
  • Cigarettes
  • Playing cards with naked ladies on them
  • More cigarettes
  • Cigarette lighter
  • Grocery list consisting of
    • annatto seeds
    • black peppercorns
    • cumin seeds
    • allspice
    • cloves
    • 2 habeneros
    • orange juice
    • white vinegar
    • garlic
    • 5 lemons
    • tequila
    • banana leaves
  • Sharpie

Damn dude, you’re ready for whatever now.

And since we’re talking about snowboards, we should probably watch this:

Ethan Deiss Full Part from 1817 on Vimeo.

That guy is a beast. And he’s a midwesterner, so how is anyone not hyped on him? I mean, sure maybe you’re taking issue with that Raiders baseball jersey, but even that is fresh when every seven seconds the viewer has to think, “Nah, fuck that. That ain’t for real”. And then Cranberries backing track just low key comatoses you.

What’s good outside?

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