2018-(10): November Synethesia

It’s been a long few months, what with the arrival of the child and all, but’s it’s falling back into sense. I can smell more than dumped-in diaper and regurgitated formula. She sleeps more now. I sleep more now. So that said, how about a quick synethesia session and the old snowboard blog, just to talk about what’s good for November.

Sense One: Sight:
MFers keep telling me snowboarding is back. But listen, just because Yobeat came back for a week or two doesn’t mean snowboards are back, because that would me snowboarders went somewhere.

Chumps, snowboards didn’t run out on you just because you ran out on snowboards. Snowboarding is rad as hell right now, splitters are still splitting the fuck out of everything. According to advertisers, carving is something hot and new. Rippers are still ripping. Truebluds are still sipping tallies from a glove. Snowboarders are still rad.

The only other thing that has changed is that Gnu has put out a good looking board. Sure 99.99% of the rest of everything made by Mervin looks like someone got fired up on bathsalts and tipped over a trash can, but the Müllair looks good. At least the top does. Also, it’s Danny Larsen‘s art so of course it’s good.


Sense Two: Sounds
Let’s keep it pacific northwesty.


This is agreeable. Perhaps a little heavy handed with its cascadianism at times, but well worth hearing. You can listen to it over here.

Sense Three: Smell 
Winter is coming and I’m thinking of getting a kerosene heater just for the tingle in my nose.

Sense Four: Taste
Fuck whatever you think your diet is. Most food is an edible form of Mervin graphics, but this book is full of dinner party pleasers, the kind that straight murder a meal.


That mac-n-cheesey recipe on 184 is unstoppable. Supper crushers. 100%.

Sense Five: Touched.
My friend Alder just got MRI results indicating the cancer in her breast has not grown and the malignancy can be removed with a lumpectomy. This is pretty great news. Also, this is some shit. I used to believe good things happen to good people. But that’s niaviete. Shitty things happen to really good people and shitty people lay claim to most of the good things in the world. I guess the message is, get the good things and get out before shitty people fuck it all up.

Sense Six: Umami
You all feeling this purp? Better be.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 8.16.51 PM



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