2016:043 Maybe It’s Time We Reconnect with Skiers

I woke up yesterday morning to the news 686 has signed a skier. This is really supposed to be shocking news. But nah. 686 has always had their eyes on the financial prize for ages. They’ve never claimed to be the FUBU of snowboarding. They’ll sign whoever they want. They’ll sell to whoever’s got their wallets out.

Of course this is all speculation because this was the welcome to the team family vidja:

Parker White for 686 GLCR Outerwear from 686 Technical Apparel on Vimeo.

Now, I don’t now how many Xgames, or whatever other, intro vidjas you’ve seen, but they are all pretty much like this. Because of that I was asleep by the 19-second mark, and the rest of this is just speculation.

Strategic lighting, keep the face hidden so there is a sense of suspense (even though we should all have noticed the title identifies the mystery man as Parker White). Motosickles and fire because he’s a bad ass. Oh, but that ring is dark, ooooooo. Guns, skateboarding, sleds, the erratic cuts of of the post-music video generation and yet somehow it maintains the pacing of The Conversation starring Gene Hackman. FUCK this could be 90 percent of action sports. And then that mustache, ugh, so gross dude.

So yeah i guess this dude is a skier, and I’m just going to assume that skiing has lifted the intro vid style from snowboarding, like it has with everything else over the last 25 years, because the last time I saw a skiing intro it looked like this:

Strange part is, the second video is way more compelling.

The Second Half

Speaking of compelling vids, did you know the Goodest vidja of our time was going to be self-aware enough call itself G.O.A.T. (Goodest Of All Time). It’s like the entire Too Hard crew tossed a couple middle fingers at humility and the fourth wall.

Also, who would have guessed 50% of the Goodest Of All Time movie would be film with six-year-old GoPro on a shaky-cam gimble. Or that Beatrice Domond would put down the best skating you’re likely to see in shred film this year, but would get shorted because she’s filmed in portrait mode the whole time.

Lastly, Darrah Reid is gnarly as hell. Keep watching, if only to see her part.


on “2016:043 Maybe It’s Time We Reconnect with Skiers
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  1. Fire & Ice offers way more. Beauty, skills, love, epic shots and killer style! When guy throws girl at like 1:19 it took my breath away.

    I couldn’t tell if I was giddy from all the spins or the potential romance!

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