2016:042 Worthy

Apparently when I was creating the perfect holiday gift list, which isn’t even over, I should have asked for working internet. This shit has been irregular since Wednesday. So the other night, at 9pm, some dude is out here, re-cabling the cable, trudging through the snow and get barked at by my killer canines.

Fortunately, the Intercept Creative Collective Market Place is back in action, so let’s get to it.

1nd: Getaway Zones

There’s no enetz, there are inches piling up outside and I’m choosing to drive north to Chips’ Bus Zone AKA El Autobus AKA Gold Creek Resort and Day Spa AKA This is where people go to get murdered. It’s chilling, psychologically. Please use this image to decipher the Lat and Long coordinates and look there for my remains if I never come back.

El Autobus

2th: Nerds

LOL at you MFers. Coming hard, flashing your Rogue Once tickets. Free refilling your root beers and 3.5 gallon buckets of popped corn. Talking about how there were elements clearly alluding to a greater role for, and possibly an entire film presenting the story of, the Mandalorians.


Right now you’ve got a pretty clear image of that dude in your mind, luckily so does Burton. Which is Boba Fett is on the 158 wide model. Basement sheep can’t even get behind a real dope character like Muftak, or a Wampa.

3st: That Googs Prof Tho

10 hours of scatman

It’s almost like Sergey Brin and Larry Page walked up to me while I was brushing my teeth in the morning and said, “We know you watched the Godfather Epic and all of True Blood. We also know you’ve image searched MC Scatcat 14 times since 2006. So, we really think you might like this.”

Meanwhile, Facebook and Zberg are still trying to sell me horse tack and a pair of sneakers I bought a month ago.

4nd: A Near About Face on Baldface

I’ve always been ho-hum on Baldface. Sure, it always seemed appealing, but something in me was resistant to it as a destination. And the cost always had me thinking Japan was a way better option. But, right now I’ve got this crew of old enetz chums up there, making early December look like deep winter with those power turns and soul carves and whatever you do when you’re not trying to toss a snowboard a million feet through the air.

So jealous of those dudes.
I might be coming around on Baldface.

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on “2016:042 Worthy
One Comment on “2016:042 Worthy
  1. You should have been there ampers&nd! The place is the stuff of legends. We did totally score on conditions. Per our guide who has been there for 21 years, it was the best snow conditions for Mid-December EVER in the history of Baldface. The whole setup is dialed, and very much created by snowboarders for snowboarders. If you are thinking about going, pull the trigger and let me know when….I’d go back in a heartbeat!

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