2016:041 December Synesthesia Session

What is it, the sixth? Deciembro Seis?

Good. We still have time to make this month rad.  Let’s get together and come to our senses.


You all see this clipper?

Let’s go down the checklist:
No more than six features? CHECK.
Filled to the brim with midwestern dudes? (well it is in Minnesota, but still) CHECK!
Creepy, sleepy synth music? CHECK!
Beards and overalls? CHECK and CHECK

Never not happy about work of 1817.

It’s like Merry Chrimbo to me because my copy of The Best of The Best Show box set arrived. And now I’m rolling 16 albums deep into Scharpling & Wurster. If you haven’t been listening, and you’ve got 35 minutes to spare, I’ve attached a seasonally appropriate sample. Please, enjoy.

Middle fingers up if you aint down, because tis the season: nog-bigTouching
After a couple pairs of shoes last week. I’ve decided I will be spending my winter running in these:


And my god, these things are fucking ugly.


Just re-upped my NYer subscription and because I gotta keep the filth off me.


Hi Podcast Listeners!
I’ve got a bonus for you. AND this one is still super new, so the back catalogue isn’t even that deep.


Honestly, Merlin Mann can do no podcast wrong in my book. Get on board with Do By Friday.

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