2016:038 Holiday Gift Idea #1

There is nothing we can do about it now. We’re in the throes of the holiday season. 26 days from Christmas, 25 days from Hanukkah. The Solstice drops doom rocks on the 21st. But, of course, this is all the yule time.

And speaking of throws, did all you MFers snag those HBC wool blankets that were so cheap for hard cyberin’ Monday. The Bay is probably seeing the biggest run on those things since the first time the white man tried to wipe out the first nations. Goddamnit. So much baggage with such a rad item.


Keep laughing, fair reader. Laughing as though you’re still living like when we was 20 and this blog train was just about to start chugging down the tracks? Pssht.

Get it together reader. Get yourself something that really brightens up the place. Get yourself something to grab when your house is on fire. Oh what, you’re gonna go for photo albums? Dumb answer. No one even has photo albums anymore. You grab the HBC blanket, because that shit is gonna be an heirloom someday. And already today, you can’t find another soul who wants to see the pics of your and your high school crew sitting on a curb smoking cigarettes while Heroin Chris pushes mongo in the background.

Side note, this might be an elaborate scheme to just post the HBC logo, which is rad as hell.



Side Note: 


It’s like truck nuts, but instead of sending the message that I like to make crude jokes, it sends the message, “I like to intimidate strangers, and probably wouldn’t hesitate to take swing at a woman.”



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on “2016:038 Holiday Gift Idea #1
One Comment on “2016:038 Holiday Gift Idea #1

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