2016:036 Allegedy a Winter

Part One: The Militarization of Everything

Continuing the contest of who can do more collabs, we’ve got Burton exxing up with Playboy again, because clearly they think everything has already been done, and Bigga B likes to ride old dicks.

Meanwhile, America’s got First People getting hosed down in sub-freezing temps, neo-nazis said to be looking fresh as fuck on the glossies like people never even made it the style section of the En Why Tees, and people demanding we build a wall to keep out Mexicans and Muslims. Anyone who acts surprised by all this is trying to make your eyes wooly. American has  been on this weird, militarization and exceptionalism kick for a minute (When I say minute I mean forever really).

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 9.16.29 PM

And where collaborations and militarization meet, we’ve got 686. Their latest cross marketing handy is with 5.11 tactical wear. A brand so up on the militarized jam their website has a dude pulling a gun out of his pants and getting stanced to blast a few Islams. Honestly, check it. No holster, just a handgun in the waist. That’s not responsible gun ownership. That’s shooting up an Olive Garden level shit.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a M-65 jacket as much as the next dude. But after 100years of making military grab cool in everyday life we shouldn’t be surprised the effects our choices have on society.

Part Two: You Guys Still Watch Videos?

I spent 16 minutes today watching the new Adidas clipper 3:00AM AKA Second Kiss. I’d like to share the takeaways:

  • Not all Palace is Adidas, but clearly the head of Adidas snow likes to think all Adidas is Palace. Dude’s dressed jock as Junior High hoopsters wearing KDs, Kyries, or Kobes.
  • The Salomon Villain has been the best looking board produced by a ski company since day one. Show me one Salomon Villain that doesn’t score at least a “Nice, bro” on the looks chart and I’ll send you $20.
  • These dudes are too good for this video.
  • Pretty sure this is the sequel to Capita’s First Kiss from 2007. Sure, it may not be a successor in name, but those rinses, the filters, the general unwatchability, it’s just like First Kiss. Yo, my older broder has a crazy curved screen, 4k, 75-inch television. 99% of everything you see on it falls into the uncanny valley. What I’m getting at is pic tech has never been better, and the MFers at Vidjagrass expect people to watch the hack-ass and faux-dissolves of this almost art house rubbish. Nah dude.

Part Three: DIY aint dead


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    • The site’s homescreen has a 3-scene animation: knives, packs, and then dude pulling a gun from his pants. Don’t make me skype this shit with you.

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