2016:035 November Synesthesia Session

A man’s gotta have a code.
I’d suspect I knew that before I saw The Wire, but Bunk and Omar really let that one shine.

Some parts of my code are simple reminders of how to live right–Article 77: Fuck the police. Article 111: Even when you’re listening to an album like Falls of Rauros The Light That Dwells in Rotton Wood, never think to yourself, this is as metal as it gets. It always gets more metal. Some parts have weight–Article 14: Windows up. Parking lights on. Others are seemingly lighthearted–Article 4: Joke ’em if they can’t take a fuck. Regardless of what part of the code it is, it’s there to help me live what I think is a better life, like Oprah, or Gwyneth Paltrow.


Sweet Spirit has been in serious rotation since picking up Cokomo a few weeks back. Listen, we already know how good A Giant Dog is, so when you take the lead singer and guitarist and possibly the drummer(?) and drop them in different, poppier band and add 3-5 other people it’s a fucking gold mine. Alternate tracks to hear: If You Wanna and Take Me to a Party

Sight: Released The Hounds

Ghost Dog aka Creeper aka McRib aka Six-Five is finally getting out, to be of that nature.
IMG_6429 2So proud of him.

Taste: Heavy Rotation

You can’t even imagine how much marinara I’ve been making as of late. And also mucho, mucho, mucho, sage gravy.

Touch: I Didn’t Even Watch Vinylburton-easy-livin-snowboard-2017-155-1

It’s a shame you can’t put stickers on the base of your boards. Now I’ve got to try to get my feelers on one of these.

Smell: Long Drawls, With The Nicotine Stains on the Back

I crawling towards a new pair of running sneakers.

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 11.20.04 PM

I’m leaning towards these, but I can’t quite get down with those midsoles. The world needs more all blacks.

Umami: The Sixth Sense!: This is how get a disease

You all see this news about 686 collabing with Cadence Collection? The biggest news from the snowboarding world is about a bike brand. Just one year after they blew the doors off the bike world with their collaboration with Specialized, And just a week after I got 40 emails about how they’ve crawled in bed with with Real Tree, the official camo of chewing tobacco and drunk driving your car into a river.

I know camo is cool is snowboarding. I’ve even got a pair of camo pants. But they’re a contempory camo, designed for style first. None of this leaf looking, animal-slaughtering trash. And I get it, snowboarding alone isn’t paying the bills anymore, 686 needs to spread those wings a little bit. And this Real Tree collab will sell, if nowhere apart from the midwest. It will sell. But You know who else hangs in that making camo prints for probable wife beaters zone? Under Armor.

So 686 is also hard pressing Burton to be the king of collabs. You know how Big B get busy in Burger King bathroom with Diemme, the boot maker. And then they hooked up with Red Wing, the boot maker. And now they’ve connected with Danner, the boot maker.

Following this example, 686 will probably be going from Specialized to Cadence Collection to…like…Pearl Izumi.

Under Armor is just the worst.

Die Heavy

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