2016:033 Jeans and a Do Over on the Bunz bit. Or, The Larry Bird post

Part 1: For Those of Us of Who Miss Commuters

You guys remember those initial Levi’s Commuters? The ones that fit well and were kinda rugged as fuck?

Yeah, I miss those too.

So I’m happy to see Volcom hyping their new jeans projects. Sure these things are marketed to skatebaorders, but that’s cool. Who doesn’t want durable jeans with a little stretch and some anti-microbial action for the day-to-day? Whether you’re riding skateboards, pedaling bikes, or wrangling puppers, these are nice attributes to have. I mean, just because a drug is developed to be a pain killer doesn’t mean you can’t party with it.

Now, this does seemingly go against a few tenets of the SlashIntercept rules of fashion, but we’ve got those covered.

  • I’m unsure if these jeans are actually made in the US (they show the White Oak Factory in the video, but Cone also runs factories around the globe). If they are, great! If not, maybe you can find some solace in knowing it’s Cone-developed denim and thus probably pretty good.
  • As much as I love nerd denim, you need to mix it up. I have a pair of 18-ouncers that I’ve been wearing for 2.5 years and they are still a fucking workout. I can’t live this way every day.
  • Contrary to the Get-Off-Lawners out there, Volcom’s pants don’t mean you’re dressed as a teenager. All jeans do that, they are jeans.
  • In the end, you’re better off supporting a brand that dumps money back into skateboarding and snowboarding than one that dumps it into Kanye’s pockets.

Part 2: The Bunz Do-Over

Somehow I missed this one when I was recapping early Bunz work the other day:

  • For Trade: Baby Shoes. Never Used (and then they used emojis to make a jerk off motion and it was fantastic.)

Like lava right there.

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