2016:032 Running! Trading! Going! Verbs!

Super mad hectic weekend around here. Canada bro was in town for 28 hours. Momma Intercept got married to her gardener and financial advisor, Jose. I made a double batch of fresh biscuits for breakfast. You could say shit was alright.

Part I: Friday in the Trees

Ice Age Trail Sign and Logo

In what is slowly becoming a ritual, I made a short trip to do some running on Friday afternoon. I’ve run at Devil’s Lake a few times and wanted to check out a nearby zone, Parfrey’s Glen. At this point all I knew of the glen was that is is supposed to be rad, and that you can essentially drive directly to it. I decided to run to it on the Ice Age trail. I had no knowledge of the trail features or condition, but I did know the posted distance from Devil’s Lake to Parfrey’s Glen is 4.2 miles. Using this assumed knowledge, I parked in a lot away from the lake to shorten the run a bit.

This section of the Ice Age trail is golden–mountain bike-style, single-track trails winding through trees and significant climbs. The run ended with more than 1,200ft of climbing. However, trouble began almost immediately when I saw a marker reading “Parfrey’s Glen 4.2 miles”. Yeah right. That sign is clearly wrong. Onward, through the trees and scampering over rocks. Just over four miles later I pop out at Parfrey’s Glen, and this place is so cool.

From where the Ice Age Trail dumps, it’s about a 3/4-mile trek into the glen. You start on asphalt, then crushed stone, then dirt with some boardwalks, then you’re just climbing over rocks.

PArfrey's 2

It’s a dramatic shift from most of the landscape in Wisconsin. And apparently it floods quite often, which I would really like to see.

Parfrey's 3

Parfrey's 4

In the end, you reach a little waterfall which would at least get you an HJ from girlfriend in high school. But decades later, I’m more into looking at the moss.

By the time I was back on the trail, Strava was telling me I was at the 5-mile mark, and I was feeling good. Then I started that 600-ft vertical climb.
In the end, it was a 9.3-mile run. I was socked but it was totally worth it.

Part 2: You Got This? I Got That

I’ve been using Bunz for only a few daysnow, but this what I’ve managed to pull off so far.

  • Traded a lawn mower for a bottle of Canadian Club.
  • For 3 bottles of Blue Moon, which had been sitting in my garage from 10 months, I got 1/2 of a cheesecake.
  • A got a Vietnam-era army coat with press badging for a vacuum cleaner
  • Traded away a copy of The Shipping News (which technically still belongs to the Fletcher Free Library in Burlington, Vermont) a received 9 buy-one-get-one coupons at Chipotle.
  • I got 4 Françoise Hardy records for a deadstock pair of Supreme Jordans (came out ahead on this one).
  • I traded my Saris roof rack system for a high-five.
  • For 1/3 of a cheesecake, I got a single sock from REI.
  • I gave a dude some fancy combs in exchange for his pocket watch.
  • An unopened case of 1995-96 O-Pee-Chee hockey cards for stickers.
  • A gave a guy a first edition of Charles Bowden’s Some of the Dead Are Still Breathing for 10-percent ownership stake in his lawn mowing business.
  • For 3 unused CFL bulbs for 1/4 cheesecake.

Bunz is legit, you should sign up.

Part 3: Jacked Fibras

Am I allowed keep Pokémon GO in the same cell as my Strava and Garmin apps?


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