2016:030 Codependence Days

It’s been a while and I have no excuse, so let’s get into it.

1th: Run The Trails

Since I’m still off the bike per doctor’s orders, I’m still running. I’ve found running on trails is much more exciting than running on streets. Thus, I’ve found myself running around places like this:

IMG_6306Which is totally fine by me.

2rd: Biolite

Here’s a fun new camping item I received as a birthday gift. Sure, you could say the Biolight is a flashlight. Which is pretty common, but it also has a lantern function—even cooler. Plus, it has extension lights to hang out all-around in my David Lee Roth-themed tent. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE. It will even charge the crap out of my fone…twice.

Damn dude, these cats just disrupted flashlights. And they know it, with their “DESIGNED IN BROOKLYN made in china” stickers. But here’s what else they are kind on the path to disrupting: Customer service.

As I mentioned, I got this a birthday gift. I was hyped. But then the rubber gaskets over the ports wouldn’t stay closed, which essentially made them pointless. Also, it wouldn’t turn on. At all. Nothing.

I hit up the company directly over email. They said to return the Nanogrid from where it came. Which was Amazon, and it was purchased like 32 days before, so I was passed the Amazon 30-day return window. I emailed again and explained this. They said every retailer of Biolite is required to honor the 1-year warranty. Again, I explained Amazon’s 30-day refund/exchange policy. They suggested I contact the actual seller, the biz that sold it through Amazon. I asked if I could just send it back. They said no.

Ultimately, I ordered a new one from through Amazon and fulfilled by Biolite. Once I made sure this one was fully functional, I repackaged the busted system and sent it back. Granted, this is a shitty switcheroo to pull, but effe those Biolite dudes for not just backing up their shit.

3th: That ‘cism

I’ve spent a few days trying to figure out if I’m racist towards Russians and citizens of former Eastern Bloc countries. I don’t have answer, but I suspect them all of littering and wanting to knock me out. Before you accuse me of being Czech myself, I should note my people are the Romani and thus excluded from this broad brush stroke. But my feelings aside, I watched and listened to this interaction between the older Asian lady who runs the grocery and the customer ahead of me, who was buying like 300 pounds of sweet rice and a bunch of other groceries.

Owner: Oh, are you a Filipino?
Customer: I’m sorry?
Owner: You’re a Filipino?
Customer: Oh, no I’m not a Filipino?
Owner: Filipinos like sweet rice.
Customer: I’m not Filipino.
Owner: You’re stocking up. You must be from out of town.
Customer: Yes. We live in Dubuque.
Owner: A lot of Filipinos in Dubuque.

So fucking solid. The only statement about a region that has ever been said with more certainty was when the space-folding squid was like “Many machines on Ix”.

4nd: Ear Things

This is very good.

The entire album is pretty much perfect for your summer time. Get this album and get one with it.

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