2016:029 Once More Round the Sun

That’s a co-option of a Mastodon album. You don’t have to like it.

Birthday week has drawn to close, here in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin. Summer seems to be in full swing, which means a lot of outdoor coffees and beers, terrace sitting, campfiring and lake time. It’s not a bad place, when it’s not 2 degrees outside. But lets get into the birthday wrap up.

Onest: Aesop Rock


I’ve said it before, but this dude, man, this guy is so good. I mean, go back and listen to Shere Khan. Consider the first time you heard, “Your petty soldiers stand fragile like Giacometti sculptures/Embedded in eremetic cultures we’s rocksteady vultures”. Consider yourself in ’97, would you have been ready for that? Fast forward to ’01 when dude bleep-bleeps on your radar and listen to Daylight and think “I think I get it. But what do I know?” Keep going through No Jumper CablesHoly Smokes and None Shall Pass with those Jeremy Fish illustrations. Let that last album play to the end to discover Rob Sonic and John Darnielle. You get older, and allegedly smarter, yet you can’t shake him. Aesop stays with you the Hail Mary Mallon albums and the Uncluded gives you Bats. Skelethon happens and finally we get to the Impossible kid.

I got to add one more Aesop Rock show to the concert list last week. When E-Lud, L-Pecks and Co-host, aka Nicky B aka SuperPolluter aka The Man With The Premium Ax caught the show at the Majestic.

15+ years of Aesop Rock in my ears. Life could be way worse.

Twond: Basesball

I’m going my first Baseball game in two seasons this Saturday. Brewers against the Mets. I’m rolling out with Moefaniel and his scion. I’m sure it will be great fun, but I think the Japanese know how to make it a more interesting experience:


And given the teams I’m going to see play on Saturday, this would certainly be the highlight of the game.
Also those non-horror film mascots are massive celebs in the Japanese furry community. Believe it.


See all the madness here.

Thirth: Things I didn’t get for my birthday

Here are the gifts none of you sent my way

  1. New bindings
  2. Autographed pics of American Pharo
  3. A clearance letter from my doctor so I can ride bikes again (you can find my doctor here)
  4. The Tudor Black Bay Bronze
  5. Vegan buffalo wings
  6. A proper M65 jacket, preferably with someone’s last name on it
  7. Like six more pairs of those Patagonia Strider shorts
  8. A fondue set
  9. A pony or a pony keg
  10. Something like a flesh light, but shaped like a hand.
  11. Any of those Kaws tees from Uniqlo
  12.  One acre of land in far northern Wisconsin on which to put a tiny house
  13. A bunch of high fives
  14. A record player
  15. 500 packs of cigarettes
  16.  Olive Garden gift cards
  17. The Edmund Fitzgerald in a bottle

Die Heavy


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