2016:028 Birthday Week: part 1

Lets do the run down:

1th Snowboarding Still Matters

You are 100% missing out if you choose not to watch this clipper from Spencer O’Brien and some Whistlerians. Sure, there are way too many Red Bull and Monster Energy helmets, but it’s straight. Plus, this Yuka Fujimora ripper…dang. So smooth.

2th: Global Running Day

June 1 is Global Running Day. Apparently this is like Go Skateboarding Day for joggers–I’m talking about the activitists, not the shitty style of pants. I might do a couple laps. Or I might just smoke cigarettes and support those running near me. Only time is gonna tell with this one.

3th Older Broder

June 1 is also older brother’s birthday. Dude is 40. That seems crazy to me. Regardless this one is for him.


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on “2016:028 Birthday Week: part 1
One Comment on “2016:028 Birthday Week: part 1

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