Nothing like a death in the family to throw you off the rails, am I right? I haven’t been blogging. I haven’t been running. I haven’t been run blogging. Times are tuff over here. I feel like the fictional Vincent Chase prior to the fictional release of the fictional film Gatsby. Me and guys have had to move out of the big house. No one wants to talk to me about projects. I can only sexually prey on the D-list. Turtle bought some new sneakers. Bleak times indeed.

Let’s focus on the highlights.

Part 1: Side Piece

You ever get that feeling like, “I need to write about something”, then before you know it you’re selling all your android chargers on ebay?

That’s what’s happening here.

Part 2: Cult Apps

Is wearing plaid cultural appropriation?

Part 3: Born

We’re coming up on my birthday MFers. The one day of the year when we really get to celebrate me being me. Ideally you would spend the day like this:

7:30 am—Wake up. Make toast and coffee. Tend to dogs.

8:30- 12:00 pm—Write something, whether it be work or trivia or blogs or whatever.

12-1:00—Lunch with 2 episodes of Archer or Bob’s Burgers or Comedy Bang Bang

1-4:00 pm—Get out of the house

4-6:00—Running/Biking time

6-8:00—Cook and eat dinner for you and dogs

8-12:00am—Podcasts and cocaine

12-1:00am—Consider Kirimi’s center of balance or weather pomme de terres really are like pommes at all until I fall asleep.

But the really important part is that you take a moment and consider my legacy.

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