2016:026 May Synesthesia Sesh

Oh, we got some goods this month. So let’s get into it. Let’s feed those senses.



We’ve got a double dose of that new shoe smell going in the house. I’m sticking with the Asics because they don’t make my feet hate me. What more can you really ask for in this situation? At the top we got the old pair with 493 miles on them. Once I cross over the 500 miles mark, I’m going to start transitioning into those new road runners. At the bottom are the trail beasts because as soon as it dries out for the summer I’m going to stop running on the streets every day. I’ve even got a few sweet trails in my sights.



Last weekend I went north with Chips and Vin and spent a day swinging an ax and a maul. My entire body was sore. But we pretty much proved the existence of Late-Night Drunk Strength.


Here are 3 easy tips to get your podcast queue more swolled.

  • 2 Dope Queens–Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson are super funny, they have super funny guests and the whole show just makes me feel cool. Start with Episode 1:Dad Bods.
  • Imaginary Worlds–HAHA! just when you thought 2DQs was about to make you super cool, this is going to drag you right back into deep nerdism. I suggest starting with Episode 33: Dracula From Nebraska
  • American Fashion Podcast–Yep. This is a fantastic listen. You’ll end up knowing more about the business of fashion than you could have ever imagined. Just start with the current episode and cruise around within the catalogue.


I’m so proud of the man Mystikal has turned into.



This is the most important part of this entire post because this is now available. And Water Tower is about to be darkest summer jam since OMC dropped How Bizarre.


UMAMI! The 6th Sense!

How stoked are we on the future of wagons in this country? The Golf SportWagen is rad, Mazda is allegedly bringing the 6 wagon back. And then there is the one that makes you sweat a little bit. That sweet, sweet swede that is way out of your price range:

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 11.24.05 PM


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  1. Hanging with Isella Randez with ‘how bizarre’ playing. What a strange memory. Who doubted that drunk strength was real?

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