2016:025 A Study in Anthroponomastics

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39 Great Names for Your Bike Team

In what is becoming an annual occurrence over here at SlashInterceptquarters, I present you with the 2016 list of rejected names for our Riverwest 24 bike team.

Now, if you remember last year, we had a pretty good thing going with Remix to Ignition, and at the last minute we lost out our team spot. But this year Keith and I have jumped teams and are saddling up with some serious bikists. Needless to say they appreciated none of our suggestions. So that means we get to toss it out here.

Feel free to use any of these names for any team you might be team naming, just let me know how it goes.

  2. Trunk Beers
  3. Distressed Spandex
  4. Beckys with the Good Hair
  5. Kirk Cameron’s Religious Beliefs
  6. Blacklisteds
  7. Napalm in the Evening
  8. Social Justice Wonks
  9. A Song of Fire and Ice
  10. Statutory Vape
  11. New Hitlers
  12. Definitely Not Hitler
  13. Vape Soda
  14. Delicate Madison Sensibilities
  15. The Second Gunmen
  16. The Trigger Warnings
  17. Tommy Westphall’s Snow Globe
  18. Lapsed Catholics
  19. Lapped Catholics
  20. Silk Boxers
  21. The Satan’s Mothers
  22. Haunches Haunches
  23. Riverwest Gentrifiers
  24. 11:15, Restate My Assumptions
  25. Canadian Anger
  26. Akira Kurosawa’s YoCrimbo in July
  27. Stationery + Bicycles
  28. Gulag Yearbooks
  29. The Reunion 2016 tour: Prince and Apollonia – together again
  30. Boaty McBoatface
  31. Frack the planet
  32. Pancakes For Dinner
  33. Skin Tags
  34. Trunch Lake Marauders
  35. Filth
  36. Ham-fisted HJs
  37. Libertinism School Graduates
  38. Debutante Maulers
  39. Wax Lips and Cheese Nips

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on “2016:025 A Study in Anthroponomastics
One Comment on “2016:025 A Study in Anthroponomastics

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