2016:024 Just Try to Keep Living


1nd: The Bad News

The closer you live to the edge the more likely you are to go over, right? Sadly, Estelle Balet was caught in an avalanche Tuesday morning and the snowboarding community lost another good one. Because she was a European rider and on the freeride circuit, Americans never really got to hear much about her, except when it was announced who didn’t win on account of her.

I’m just going to make the assumption she was rad as hell. She clearly loved mountains and the adventure of it all. I hope she was able to tell people she loved them and she felt she was living her life well.

The NYT has slightly more complete story HERE.

2th Just In Case of Rough Water

Have you even bought your tickets to the June 2nd show at the Majestic? Have you even seen this new Aesop Rock vidja? Get on it, sucker.

Middle child. Catholic home. Revivalist. Penchant for flannels and hoodies. God damnit, dude.


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