2016:023 Call It a Catch Up

1nd On Writing

I was recently sitting through a copywriting seminar and had this Thomas Mann line dropped on me:

“A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people”.

I’ve probably had that line told to me at some point during college, but I couldn’t hear it through the fuzz of ego and binge drinking. I still try to figure out where I stand in relation to writing. Am I a writer? Am I a copywriter or am I simply a content generator? Honestly, the first option has the most prestige. But, I really like the sound of all three. One is going to pay some bills, which I so badly need to do now that winter is passed. One is hopefully going to entertain people. But it’s the writer moniker that is worth the chase. It’s the ability to write something and have people remember it days and years later, to reference it and to direct others to it. I guess, for me, writing is about the influence.

2th On Sides

Because having a low level blog with dwindling readership and sporadic updates is so easy. I figured why not start a few other side projects.

First off, I’ve Dick Divered deep into keeping people up to date on trivia happenings. My dude, Nick, and I have been running this Pub Trivia side show for a few years, and we’ve always had some social media presence, but I’m trying to bring it to the forefront. If you really want to check out the muttering of someone who spends multiple hours a week writing trivia questions you can check it out here, or you can even like our facebook page, which would be cool.


I’ve also launched this second site called What I Talk About When I Talk About Running Clothes. Please check out the stand-alone site, or its facebook page, or you should really get in on its instergramps work. This shit is going to go kalangalangalang.  And it’s about shoes and activewear and men and women who like the term “Athleisure”.

3nd On The Sexes and the Apocalypse

So this popped up in my feed the other day.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 5.11.57 PM

At first glance it might be worth a chuckle, but let’s break it down. The title is Four Horsemen: Updated. The Four HorseMEN. So why is one a woman. Granted the original story seemed to make the Four Horsemen out to be sexless demons. But this an updated version. But not so updated to be post-misogyny.

Three of these descriptions start by highlighting the values of the new Horsemen. The first descriptors of the Horsewoman are young, trendy, and mother. So the first thing being mocked is not her beliefs, but who she is as a person. She is also the only character drawn without a self-pleased smug look on her face. She is definitely drawn to be a bitch. I get it, the anti-vaccination crowd is mostly dominated by women, or more specifically Jenny McCarthy, but both parents are at fault for this lunacy.

There is also the issue of the closing line here: “Pestilence’s favorite pastime is to say ‘autism’ and ‘vaccines’ and watch people freak out for no reason.” Which makes me question how the author really feels about the subject.

And finally the four horsemen were War, Famine, Death and Conquest.

4st On D-Day Back

A lot of people are out there bagging (rightfully so) on the arm posturing used by the Burton team. But they aren’t the only crew stepping into a stance. I think this video deserves a closer examination:

Lucas Magoon Welcome To D-Day from D-Day Snowboards on Vimeo.

First off, this clipper is filthy.

Grasp what just happened. Lucas Magoon just got announced and came out with a series of pond skims and nothing over a 270. IT’S THE DUDE’S DEBUTANTE BALL AND HE DANCED WITH NO ONE. Ice coldest MFer in the joint. That is a killer move when you’re posting up with Roach and Deadlung.

Sure, Gooner’s got his own arm thing happening. But someone needs to talk with the D-Day team manager about the overall posture of people on the team. These dudes are hunched over like a former ballet dancer, now in her late 80s. Or they need to put me and my crap posture on the team.


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