2016:022 Your April Synesthesia Sesh

Here we go with another month, and with that we get another synesthesia session. So, get ready to feed your senses through all the wrong holes.


Maybe you’re feeling it, or maybe you’re not, but spring is in the air.  Being I live in an undesirable area of the country it’s been sort of like spring all winter, until spring came, and now it’s like winter.

And since our winter was rubbish and the shred season is already done here, Tyrol Basin had their two-day spring jam.  Naturally, one day was 30 degrees and the next day was 70.


Sometimes, I really hate this place.


I’m thinking about making a run, Smokey and the Bandit style, for a summer’s worth of this Jenny Lake Lager. It is delicious.



This must certainly be the death rattle of irony art and the putrid remains of early-21st century hipsterism.

While I completely condone drug use to enhance experiences, I disagree with the concept of creating something only enjoyable if you’re blown out of your mind. That’s how I got tricked into watching Pink Floyd’s The Wall 800 times during college.


It’s still early with this one, so I recommend you get in on it now.


For real, every episode of Beautiful/Anonymous has been so good. Episode One had me screaming to myself as I drove through Nebraska and Episode Four is pretty much the most real thing you’re going to hear, ever. So, toss this bad boy in your podcatcher.


Clearly Aeromexico is just blowing out ads now. No concepting, no proofing, just hoping to get them up before the 500-ft high Trump wall gets built.


Umami, the sixth sense:

I hope everyone out there has filed their taxes and those returns are already being routed to your bank accounts. Because you’ve only got 10 days until Ivy Park hits stores. This is going to be like a Supreme release, but with serious weight. Instead of a line of drones outside the shops, its going to be hundreds of thousands of women with second, third and forth tabs open at the office.  Or holding that phone low, cursing the junk LTE reception on the train or bus, trying to get that branded body suit, those slides or that embossed pullover.  Just kidding, we all know that is exactly what Supreme’s releases are like today.

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