2016:016 The Fashion of Snowboarding

1nd Spring Summer 16 Is On Us

And with that we get a new glimpse into Big B’s contingency plan for when the snow stops falling.
Everyone’s favorite rider driven company (or is that 32?) is so committed to the shred they stopped using women riders to model their gear a while ago, but they kept the men’s team on the photo shoots. Once the Big B summer catalog comes out, we’ll have a better idea if the Coachella crowd found D. “Hirsute” Davis and Jack “New Yorker cartoon” Mitrani respectable fashion icons.

In the meantime, you can catch heavy glimpses of this dude, Sears Cataloging SS16 over on their website.


A-Plus for everyone in the Champlain School of mid-market modeling right there.

2th Little Andy Troubles is now Big Graf Andy

You guys remember when Trevor Andrew was the TRZA, the gangliest gangster shred, and then he found his punk roots and became Trouble Andrew and he played almost-electro-punk to almost crowds of almost entirely old snowboarders?

Well MFers, Little Andy Troubles is back! And this time he’s a graf artist. But it’s even bigger, it seems his mega graf skills have earned him a place on the Gucci design team.

You can read all about it on Dazed, where you can also feast your eyes on some of the creations. As well as Platinum Elite level interview gems like these

Little Andy Troubles: Then I got really literal and started writing, ‘Life is Gucci’, ‘Real Gucci’ and all these things that represented positivity – almost like Gucci is the ‘God of fashion’ and that’s what the ‘G’ represents to me.


Dazed : Can you sum up what Gucci means to you?
LAT: I think that it means greatness. It’s like climbing to the top, and it’s the peak of the mountain and you’re there.

I assume in this case, the peak of the mountain is lift accessible.

3st Mark Frank Montoya: the man of many levels

Since we’ve already brought up MFM, I feel I should remind you the dude is still out there, sipping Monavie and spinning his pyramid-scheme wisdom. Sometimes, though, he’s just kicking with his homies, crawling through the ‘grams.


See, he’s just like you and me, a successful businessman and apparently a grade-fiver who likes a girl, judging by the way he gets his phone stolen by his friends.

4rd Lets On A Positive, Yet Haunting Note

I think I’m a sucker for a Scandinavian English vibrato

Sidenote: We should all be wearing pullover hairshirts.

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