2016:010 The Conclusion of the Tahoe Excursion

Here’s the deal. I’ve been to Tahoe enough to know what’s up. And not once have I been completely shut out. There have been trips with only moderate snowfalls, and there have been 6-hour drives from SF.

So when the deluge struck on Friday and it rained and rained and the snow predictions were shrinking and shrinking, I thought his might it. The snowfall predictions for Northstar just days earlier were in the mid-20-inches. By Saturday morning the reality of 9 inches had set in. So, in an effort to grab whatever powder stashes may have been left, we headed to Mt. Rose.

IMG_5247Blobviously, it was a little overcast. Actually, it never stopped snowing there. The place wasn’t nearly as packed as Northstar, so there was still plenty of fun to be had. Most of the landings were soft and everyone was falling victim to Terrain Surprises! tossing them throughout the day. Still ailing J-Rocket and Suze hung in there as long as they could, but they had a long drive back to the Bay, so eventually they split.


By that time, Meat Jesse and I were getting tired. It had been a long, good week of riding. We dipped back to the lower lifts and decided on a few more runs. The next lift ride up was with this super soul brother skier talking to us about how the chutes hadn’t been open in days and they would betomorrow, but we were missing some of the best riding Tahoe. It was cool, it’s not like the day had been bad.

At the top, the liftie was standing outside of the booth, and greeted us with a “Gates are opening, boys”. Soul brother turned to us and demanded that we follow him, as the chutes were suddenly, very much open. Through the chalky air and uncertain terrain we slipped and cut though the El Cap gate. From there, we just flashed a couple smiles and took off. It was so deep.


Possibly the deepest snow I’ve ever ridden. We made it down to the Chutes lift and both of us were fully recharged. The place  would close in a 1.5 hours. How many times could we get through there? The answer is 4, maybe 5. Eventually we got around to snapping some snaps.



It was so fast, and so much fun. And I think that last pic might be my favorite ever taken of me.

So yeah, believe it. Tahoe strikes again.

Die heavy, all of you.


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