2016:009 The Continuing Saga of Tahoe 2016

Now, where did we leave off? Ah yes, Fashion Ali, Meat Jesse and I had just struggled through our first day in Tahoe. 40-degrees and sunny at Northstar. For day two, we opted to get a touch jaunty and head south.

1th Kirkwood


I had never been to Kirkwood, nor had my co-travelers. All you ever really hear about it is that it’s knarly and sometimes it gets socked in. Seems legit. Plus, it’s on the Epic Pass.


We cruised around the front of the mountain for a while then headed to the backside. This was my first run-in with “Surface Lifts Stopping While I Am on the Steepest Part”, which became a theme for the trip. After a few laps back here, Fashion Ali opted to split off for a beer and I talked Meat Jesse into hiking up to this zone above the chair. Mind you, it hadn’t snowed here in a couple days and the sun was baking everything. We were by no means Lewis and Clark on this adventure. In fact, 50 feet up we passed a ski patrol shack and the conversation went a little like this:

SlashGreggers: This isn’t going to be worth is at all, is it?
SkiPatrolist: [Shaking head] Probably not. But the Guldin Iggles have been out, so you might see them.
SG: The what?
SP: Guldin Iggles.
SG: The fuck you going on about?
SP: Iggles. Guldin Iggles. Like Bald Iggles…Philadelphia Iggles.
SG: Oh, dope.

Meat Jesse: What did she say.
SlashGreggers: Guldin Iggles.
MJ: The fuck are they? Cirque du Soleil?


But you know what? It was a short hike and the fear of heights only kicked in once. The views and the feeling up there was great. AND, the turns in the zone above the lift were really great. Easily 1000x better than anything happening on the East Coast or Midwest.

2st The Commute

Eventually we had to drive back to Carnelian Bay. At South Lake I decide to see if Highway 89 on the west side of the lake was open. For some reason, I had it in my head the westerly route was shorter. FALSE. It was open, but that took forever. On the flip side. I did get this snap:


3nd Heavenly

Thursday at Heavenly was breezy as fuck. As is tradition, I suppose. But we ripped the California side for a while and then found our way into a yurt, where people were serving drinks. We had drinks. Then we went back out and watched 14 people attempt to get on one chair lift.  IMG_5196

That was weird as hell. It was also our cue to shove off. It was on the drive home that we discovered the Char-Pit in Kings Beach. You might also call it the greatest dining experience possible on the shores of beautiful Lake Tahoe. Pretty sure I consumed 17 veggie burgers, 2 pounds of fries and maybe a pound of onion rings. All of it was washed down with a Coors Light and all of it was delicious.

4rd Back to Northstar

Friday was a rain day that included snapping snaps of old signs, breakfast at the Squeeze In, in proper tourist form, and trying to get through the day. The rain eventually turned to snow and Saturday morning we headed back to Northstar.

Allegedly, 9 inches was delivered over night. How many times have I said that in my life? Am I right, ladies?  Hey-o! dick joaks.


As was expected, Northstar was packed. But, the good news was Suze and Jonathan showed up. J-dog was sick AF but stayed strong and shredded as necessary. It felt cool bringing together 2 tangents of my enets shred friends. So we cruised and ripped and ripped and cruised and then I got stuck on the surface lift again.

But that was okay because soon after Nima and Narges and Mo appeared. I haven’t seen Nima in what seems like a decade, so I was stoked. That dude is so cool. Narges is super radder as well, and Mo, was A+ in the short time I talked with him. This is when the super riding started to happen and I could not have been happier.


Fun fact: I could get happier, but not on account of friends. This day was pretty much the best. At the time, I didn’t know it but Sunday was shaping up to be epic. We’ll get to that later. All you need to know is my friends are rad, and snowboarding is still rad, and I’m pretty sure Narges was wearing Nima’s coat.

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