2016:008 Half-Way Through Winter, It Finally Feels Like Winter

I landed back in the mighty midwest a couple days ago. Just before I left, I ran a 5k, finished with an okay time, and wasn’t even wearing winter running gear. That’s how this winter has been. But, after a long week in Tahoe, I’ve returned to some new snow on the ground and more falling from the sky right now. Not bad Wisconsin, not bad at all.

Now I assume you want to hear all about my trip. I’d love to tell you about the weather and riding conditions, and the good times. What I’d like to do is invite you all over to the estate and present a slide show of my trip. Wouldn’t that be thrilling? No?

Okay I’ll do the next best thing and dump it all on a blog.

1th Plane People

Things I saw around on the flight:

  • I was in the aisle seat and the 2 people next to me were sharing earbuds while watching The Intern, starring Anne Hathaway and Robert DeNiro. They never laughed once.
  • Across the aisle from me was a passenger marathoning episodes of Hot Bench. I know of this show, but have never seen it. I can, however, tell you this: This passenger was much more engaged in Hot Bench than those watching The Intern. There was a lot of head nodding and rewinding to go back over the facts. Those cases were getting pressed harder than Steven Avery’s. I was tempted to ask if I could get an earbud.
  • The person one aisle up from me seemed to be sending work emails regarding an ecard-selling business. No surprise this person was in steerage with the likes of me.

2st Reno


Oh man, what a town!

Erin and Nick used to live in Reno, and I remember this report coming back from the world’s biggest little city: “There are a lot of dead dogs on the roads. Dead dogs and condoms.” In reality, it was much cleaner, but just as sad.

I scooped up Jake From State Farm, our trusty rental steed, and headed into the mountains. A quick cruise to Carnelian Bay to drop off my gear and unsuccessfully hit the nap zone.

Then it was back down to Reno to pick up Meat Jesse and Fashion Ali. I was also on the hunt for some suitable food, which is hard in Reno on a Monday night. Many thanks to Indian Kebab and Curry for being open.

3nd The Riding

Tuesday, we hit up Northstar for some warm weather riding and jumping off whatever we could find outside of the park. The place was pretty well picked over.


But, as Meat Jesse is demonstrating here, we still got after it when we could.

4rd Other Things

While we were slashing the shit out of everything, shred nerds were in Denver juicing trousers about some wack Mervin design with fins. But, hey! At least it’s not skis, am I right?

Judging by the info coming out of SIA, the entire industry is gimmicking hard for wacky board shapes and boots that aren’t really for snowboarding, and then some that might be for snowboarding?


taken without permission from transworld


Honestly, the things that most people were going bonkers over, Super surfy shred sticks and a pair of slack-as-fuck boots are perfect for the type of snowboarding few people ever really do.

But this is all good. Let the industry settle into this soul-brother, surf-the-mountain vibe. The deeper we fall into the well of shops and riders asking what’s new and brands’ only response being “Uhhh…yeah we make bindings now. Yes, I know our top riders are all on the pro-team for other binding manufacturers. And I know our binding division has failed in the past, but trusss it. Bindings. Buy ’em up.” It’s only when things get that boring and stale that really great things can flourish. And they will. In the meantime be ready, and stay fresh.

We’ll get back to Tahoe tomorrow.


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