2016:006 The Countdown and the Overload

So much.
That’s what we’re going to cover today. So. God. Damn. Much. First Off, I’m a week away from storming the shores of Lake Tahoe with Meat Jesse and Fashion Ali. Plus, it sounds like an Icelander and a couple of engineers are going to stop by. Pretty hyped all around.

Now, where to start? How about with bikes?

1nd Sky’s Not Looking Too Good

That’s got to be a tough shift for the support team. To go from the Sportbrake to a Ford Fusion (Mondeo, to all the non-North Americaneros). Plus, Sky is parting ways with Rapha, and I can only assume given this move, they will be searching for sponsorship from Pearl Izumi. Man, this has to feel like Rawkus records after The Giancana Story dropped.

That’s really a super-relevant analogy, trusssss.

On the other hand, that estate version of the Fusion is something we in the US could only hope for.

2st People You Kind of Know


Fun fact, Cheyne once crashed the condo I was splitting with the college slash crew. She’s probably super cool by now, and it’s great to see her getting polished. You can read about all of it over here.

3th. Since You’re Already On the Burton Website.


Nerd-level shit just recently landed on the big B site. You want to enter the zone of potential minds blown? You need to get on board with that AK457 line, or maybe the tech isn’t your game, you just want that infinite flash of the Thirteen line.

Why they dropped these items with zero announcement is beyond me. People talk mega game about suiting up in the AK457, because that’s how extreme their lines are, but really they just want the elevated shit. There’s nothing wrong with that. But why did B just let it pop up on the site–no pressers, nothing on the sosh meeds? They just let it  sit there.


The Burton Thirteen line is a little different, super tech with Yosuke Aizawa styles. This pretty much puts them on par with White Mountaineering or that Purple Label. Think Arc’teryx Veilance, with the added style of Japanese streetwear influences. A couple of the styles echo the Mandalore and Clone jackets of B’s golden era. And the cloud camo on the Rittenhouse jacket so right. But again, not a word about it being released stateside. It’s almost as if they don’t want us to get down with it.

I guess we need to stay focused on the MTTM collabo. Stupid.

Also, if you’re not feeling those prices, you can copy most of the pieces at Haven right now, and the current exchange rate is in serious USAer favour right now. Consume.

4rd. Lobster Pot

Photo shooter over here is talmbout the home country, which would be rad if he didn’t turn it into some chumpchange ghost story. I’ve pedaled bikes through and around Caryville hundreds of times. The Dominican have even sat at the boot landing smoking cigs and holding open intoxicants. And here are some things I’ve never seen: hellhounds, ghosts, hanged preists, ghost hunters. And these are all things I’d be down to see.

What is there, is a dying rural community, the same type you can find across the US. As people push into larger towns and cities, communities like Caryville, which at its peak could not have been more than 50-75 people, are fading away. The buildings will fall into disrepair and eventually just fall. The foundations and tombstones will become over grown, and in time indistinguishable. And every so often the river will flood, and more of the town and s history will wash away. Elements of a never-thriving community caught in a current as flowing toward larger cities, past river-front condos and freshly painted tennis courts. What gets out travels downstream, what remains simply becomes part of the landscape.


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  1. How many epic summertime trips were there to the Carryville store, with a stop at the drag strip to look for loose change under the grand stands along the way.

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