2016:003 Synethesia A, or A Letter From Further North

Sight: The Quality of Light

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 8.30.40 AM Behold Post Winter Solstice. Made it, but barely. Probably went by unnoticed to the great unwashed; those lowlanders milling about and shopping, yet the calendar proudly announced its arrival. To the majority of people; worry not, carry on, stock up on nog and marvel at holidaze decor; but to us upcountry dwellers, this was a gloriously indelible occasion commanding a monumental gravitas; a Toast, a Cheers, a L’Chaim. The good season is here, and an El Niño at that. Raise your chalice high, the future’s so bright, you’re gonna need a welding mask.  SAD and all of her treachery, Goodbye’s too good a word babe, so I will just say fare thee well.

Scents: Aromatics

Let’s not kid ourselves, there is no such thing as too much beauty sleep. Subsequently, there is no such thing as too many bubble baths. Because girls and boys will tell you your skin feels so soft, guaranteed… tell em large marge sent ya.

Taste: With Relish

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 8.30.59 AM

Touch: Get Prim: Paws

And just what, pray tell, are you supposed to do when the mob druthers to your icky steel-o ? You get a new one, duh! You really know the looks cooked once Joe six pack’s on it.

Xzibit eh?:


Knit mitts knit by Lars

Unless you happen to be Jamie Lynn, you are probably wondering if you can squeeze another season out of those crusty digit encapsulators. Prognosis negative. You know eye no that you think your mitts conjure up an image of a young Scotty Stevens in his prime, nimbley nollie nose manny nose pick your whip on a pic-a-nic table and all that jazz, but consider; How you gonna chuck the deuce up like Minaj? or flip the bird to all the h8ters? Additionally, them hip inverts are easier in gloves. Same reason I don’t fux wit jimmy hats, you lose all the feelin.

Sound: Dear Prudence

Grimes. So unfuckwithable on the running playlist, but upon further slashintercept archival review, Greggers already had that fire lit. Anyhow, to ensure hep cat status, flex an ear lobe towards this funky grooves, cause eye know you no I nose these jams are hotter than Michael Phelps dab rig:

Umami:Whatchu Gonna Do With My Pal Too?

You seen these yet?


or these?

If you aren’t rubbing your tuppence together at this very moment your mind is positively addled beyond repair.


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on “2016:003 Synethesia A, or A Letter From Further North
One Comment on “2016:003 Synethesia A, or A Letter From Further North

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