2016:002 Stay Fresher, Longer

It Came from Weird

I wouldn’t have started this silly little webloggingzone if i didn’t think my opinions were, and are, more valuable than yours. That is a lie, but for most of my life I was weird-kidding in the corner, and now I’ve learned to be a weird grown man who has moved toward the center of the room. Still weirding on the reg but just speaking up more.

Weird doesn’t come from D&D and fantasy novels. That’s straight up nerdery. But all good things come from the weird. Gnu has been trying to corner the weirdo market for years. But there’s more to being weird than dropping acid, listening to psych rock, and creating disgusting graphics. But that shit ain’t weird, that’s a marketing approach. Weird comes from fear of saying what’s going through your mind for 20 years, then learning to speak it, and then having some attractive girl look at you and say, “You’re weird. You’re also kinda overweight.”

That kind of weird is what gives you the new. Of course, this could all be shit. Time is going to tell on this stuff. Regardless, I’m going forth with this month’s Ups and Downs.

These Huxley Roark Glacier Specs from Electric.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 9.56.38 PM

I know what you’re thinking, “Broooo, Glacier Glasses, for real?” Yeah broooo, for real. You down with that athleisure? Well this is the logical end of athleisure…I NEARLY WORKED OUT SO HARD, I ENDED UP ON A GLACIER, AND I STOPPED SEVERAL TIMES FOR ESPRESSOS. Don’t even tell me you’re not running these this year.

Those North Face thermoball cuts. Moverload was running one of these and selling me on it hard. He started off telling me how warm it was. But pretty soon he was telling the shell is kinda crap and shreds and scuffs really easily and the filling is pulling out he’s probably going to have to throw a few patches on it. By the end, he was selling me on the key benefit being how easy it was to put the coat on. So easy to get your arms in it.


The pure joy in Phil Cook’s voice on his interview on World Cafe.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 10.02.31 PM

The music really isn’t my thing, but god damn that dude sounds happy to be alive. And that lifts me up.

Mariana Trench
This Angry Snowboarder interview. Stoked to see the interviewer trusted the subject enough to not put any effort into those questions and think, “This dude can carry the interview for me, I don’t really need to put any thought into it?”



Yeezy Yeezy Yeezy just jumped over jump man. Oooof. “Yo, that is pure fire, son”. People telling you this have lived their entire lives in act 1. Chumps can make a bone tool, but they just found the monolith. They don’t know nothing of fire.

Fuck, you guys. “Couches, couches, couches, couches which one should i pick?” is now a rap lyric we all have to acknowledge for the rest of our lives.
You remember the first time you heard Inspectah Deck light it up on Triumph? The first time you heard Aes, and then Bobby Sonic, and then HMM? Ratking’s 700 Fill? Well, none of that matters anymore because the simps and chumps will tell you Facts is a better song than everything else.

It’s 2016! Die Heavy.


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