2015: 042 December Sensory Run Up.

New month and new selections to feed your senses. I’d say I hope you dig, but how could you not? These are scientifically proven to be the best, like Audrey Tatou in Amélie,  or when you hop in a rental car and a jazz station is pre-programed for you.

You know who rips? Danny Larsen rips. Plus, that dude comes from the darkness. Second plus, dude makes amazing illustrations like this:

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 10.16.36 PM

That shit is rather good. Maybe if you haven’t maxed out your gifting, you can grab one of these before the year ends. Feast your eyes on all of his works here.

By now you should understand every time Aesop Rock drops new heat it’s gonna get pumped over at the Slash compound, so just press play on this.

Here are a couple bonuses: Homeboy Sandman might have one of the best voices around right now. Sometimes he reminds me of Keak the Sneak which is never, ever a bad thing.

Bonus two: J. Fish on that artwork, which I can’t stop laughing at and being disgusted by.



You got some shit to say about this? Dickhole.

Chumps, You’re sleeping on this:

2013_PROD_DETAIL_DESKTOPGuaranteed to be the greatest softgoods piece Big B puts out this year. Now, you’re gonna be telling me something about how this is a women’s piece. Like I wasn’t running women’s Four Star pants a decade ago. Like society hasn’t been telling you gender is fucking over. Like this isn’t the softest thing in which you could possible bury your face. Like Imma allow you to tell me what’s what, when you’re still over here, talking about where your denim comes from.

Listen. Imma be spending this weekend seaside, broads deep. Winter waves and all that. Running this hood the entire time. Go get yourself one here.

Are we watching The Leftovers on HBO? I just finished S1 and I’m starting to smell some typical Lindelof aromas. Hey, Damon, you fucking got me with Lost. 7 seasons of that shit show, then they all went to heaven, while you failed to answer 3% of the questions raised. Don’t fuck this for me, dude.


Big News! This dude is on board.


He knows what’s up.

Die heavy.

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on “2015: 042 December Sensory Run Up.
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