2015:025 The Change Up

1nd: LIZZO

It kinda sounds like Lizzo never made it out made it out of the Eaux Claires fest. Smoothed out. Some minor glitchiness. Hazy beats.

I guess that’s what radness is right now.

2st: Skateboarderism

Danny Way drags his old bones out for one more, JUST ONE MORE, backside air.

5 years ago, people were bagging on Sean Whyte for his private ball-pitted halfpipe, like snowboarding had completely lost its way. But when skateboardists do this, it’s just accepted. Between this and Ryan Sheckler, and Street League, snowboarding is as beat as snowboards.

They built a quarterpipe that could be can be used for only one reason. They performed this trickery with a skateboarder who is, by now, more machine than dude. And they then slap DC logos all over it. making no reference to Quiksilver.

Welcome to the Olympics, fuck holes.

3th: Soft J in Jacket

Next week, we’re going to get into prints and patterns on jackets for the season. For now, sit your ass down. Take your cans off and pay attention here. This is the best jacket coming.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 11.38.44 PM

So much heat, the Maldives just lost a few more inches of elevation.

For real.


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