2015: 022 Knowledge Drop

1nd: Something to Read

We are in a position where no one really cares about snowboarding as much as those of us who remain passionate about it.

Rian Rhoe laid down some heat over on 18th & Hoyt, if you ride snowboards it should be required reading. Like Tender is the Night, Norwegian Wood or Jennifer Chang’s Again A Solstice

It’s insightful, and Rhoe pushes the issue closer to the journalism she wishes to see surrounding the subject. All the while, you feel she still cares about this stupid little pastime in which we participate. It’s good to see that fire still burning in someone 20 years deep. I’m glad we as snowboarders still care.

2st: Put This in your Ears

I’ve been slow on the uptake when it comes to The Memory Palace. Jesse Thorn swears by it. Roman Mars swears by it. I even listened to a couple episodes a while ago and never subscribed.


But I recently went completist on it. Top to bottom. 75 episodes. Whoa bruv. Brace yourself, it’s fucking fantastic.

Here are 2 really great ones to get down with:

Episode 73:
Notes on an Imagined Plaque to be Added to the Statue of General Nathan Bedford Forrest, Upon Hearing that the Memphis City Counci has Voted to Move it and the Exhumed Remains of General Forrest and his Wife, Mary Ann Montgomery Forrest, from their Current Location in a Park Downtown, to the Nearby Elmwood Cemetery

Episode 61:
The Glowing Orbs

3th: Watch This

Or don’t. Marc McMorris just wanted to mix up, go new places, and explore. Just to ride everything. Scripted, voice-over intro. Helicopters. Sleds. Rochambo game.

You might be thinking you’ve seen this video before. That’s impossible. This is snowboarding. These ideas are all fresh and brand new. The loudest voices in this industry keep pumping out the same old same old. It’s no wonder no one cares.

4rd: Let’s get back to Podcast

Podcasts are way fresher anyway. Get out there and make one. This dude is making one.


And it is pretty fantastic. Trivia Neil turned me on to this one. Scary stories from way back. New England style. Spooky stuff. So primeau. It’s only on episode 15, so going for a full run is really no problem. If you need persuasion check out one of these episodes:

Half Hanged

The Beast Within

That’s all I got for now. Die heavy.

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