004: Snakes and Hammers and What The Fuck


Nike has been killing it on the Euro front over the past couple of years.

This one is especially interesting. Kinda-slopestyle. Kinda-banked slalom. It kinda looks like Mr. Meeks achieved his goal. Banked slalom events have blown up in the past few years and this is an appropriate progression. It kinda rubs up against boardercross, in a way. Okay, there seems to be only one person on the course at a time. And your tricks count for something. So it really isn’t THAT similar to boardercross. Still, this course…eight years ago…Lindsay Jacobellis would have killed it. Assuming she stuck that method.

Edit: For some reason this video is being an ass and won’t post properly. Watch it right here.

Did you guys hear this shit on NPR the other morning?:


Check that frumpy-ass link. If you like raps, you might enjoy it. And at the end you might ask yourself, “Did Tajai just say ‘Hecka-hours’?”

Maybe you’re not into raps. That’s cool. Check this piece of goodness from The Uncluded:

Man, I could listen to Aesop say words all day and all night. But, how you gonna watch that video and not think about everyone you bagged on from first grade until you were like 23? Youths is ruthless. I just hope that fictitious kid, who the others are laughing at, grows up and finds skateboards. Until then I got his fictitious back.

I was talking to my friendster LauraBurger about the video, and we both kind of likened ourselves to the dude in the white suit. We can make it look crisp and we’re constantly running away from everyone for fear of getting mucky-mucked. And in the end, we are going to turn it into mess on our own anyway. But fuck you if we don’t have fun doing it.

It’s probably because our families made us hang out together when we was youths. Pffft…wierdos.

I have a feeling the entire Hokey Fright album is going to be a windows-up or headphones-only summer jam.

Die heavy.

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on “004: Snakes and Hammers and What The Fuck
One Comment on “004: Snakes and Hammers and What The Fuck

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