AudioBlog #2: Dave Downing


Jesus Christ, it’s Dave Downing today on the audioblog. This is serious. Legend status for sure. Just listen and enjoy it.

And once you’re done with that and considering crapping away a full hour of your work day, check out DD’s splitsville video he pushed out a couple weeks ago week:

Split from Dave Downing on Vimeo.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible, Lauren O, at Burton. The staff of Yobeat, Dave Downing and anyone who decides to listen.

Die Heavy.


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  2. Good stuff Greg!

    Dave is probably my favorite rider of all time. So much style. The first snowboard movie I ever saw was TB4. Dave had a great part, including hiking up with a surfboard and still making some rad turns. I love how he rides natural terrain so smoothly and with style to boot!

    Jealous you got to sit down and talk with him. I think it would be rad to take some runs with him some day!

    I listened to the interview, and really thought it was good. Don’t be too hard on yourself : )

    But, maybe, to avoid “Eating ish” again, you might want to change the vocabulary in your “lead in” as you introduce this latest audio blog as it relates to Mr. Downing:

    Here is a clip pulled of yobeat, it’s in the middle of your text:

    Dave has done a lot of work with the Nations Foundation, this is a part he had in a recent movie with them. If you become more knowlegeable about that organization, you will find that that Dave Downing shares in it’s beliefs.


  3. I finally listened to this last night.

    Would’ve been sooner but I tried in the car and the intro was so quiet I couldn’t hear, and thought the whole thing would be like that. It wasn’t, but the intros need to be closer to the main part.

    I dug it! Dude seems cool, and you didn’t fuck up too bad. Interviewing is obviously way different than talkblogging, and way scarier. Only a couple times you ran out of shit for a second, but you got rolling again. No cringes here.

    I have no idea why you’re so into snowboarding, but that’s what audiobloggin AKA podcasting is all about: your shit.

    Keep it up. I’m pretending I’ll follow behind, but I can’t figure out what I have to say LOLOLOLOL

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