003: So Much Riding Left To Do.

Tyrol Spring

How’s the winter treating you? Good? Bad?

Brother, I gotta be honest this is a great winter. We’ve had snows upon snows upon snows. Saturday, I was out there with Planetjakerzz. It was sunny, 40-ish degrees and awesome. Then Sunday, I wake up and it’s snowing again. PERFECT. Sure, the shoveling gets old, but at this rate we’re going to be riding on snowboards until May.

And it’s not gonna break yet. We should have overnight temps below freezing through the week and then Saturday comes like a beast. 50 degrees. That’s half of a hundred for you mathletes out there. Truckstop connoisseur and all around good dude, Keef Love is bringing a grill and some meat. I’ll have some non-meats and beers and chups bru. We’re gonna do Tyrol up correctly. Then, we are going to wait three weeks and we are going to do it again. Double spring jam action.

Then I wait forever for the bike trails to dry and we can start shredding those MFers.

Let’s bring in for a minute right here. This is the part of the rap show where I deliver the real message. You remember that? When Del was on stage. Telling you how you gotta read books. Ugh, that was hard to take. Luckily, I was a much younger man. One who could just stomach it and nod his head. Because everyone at that time was on some next level, and I was right there too. We were all post 9-leven, but not yet POST-post 9-leven. Life was brutal, but we were gonna come out of there stronger. Like Russian artists under communism. Instead we got Lil’ Wayne.

Whatever happened to that kid, that level?

Anyway, I’ve been playing this game for 20+. Standing sideways and slipping down hills and mountains and handrails. And there have been the epic years. Tahoe trips and that first time riding a real mountain in Colorado. Or standing on top of Rendezvous Bowl at Jackson Hole. Those days make for amazing seasons and you never forget the feeling of certain turns.

But as a whole, this season has been great. I’ve been at least 90 percent uninjured all season. I’ve put in a lot of days. Not really a day counter, but it’s a healthy number. I’m still hitting new features and bigger jumps while riding with a solid crew. All-in-all awesome season. I hate to see the end of it coming at us, but Dos Aught 13 is one for the scrapbook. I already got SlashIntercept SlashMother making one for us.


stickersThis is the part where I tell you I got stacks and stacks of stickers from my sticker people in New Jersey. Natalie and Kyle at Syracuse Signs are always on it. Great materials for really strong stickers. Ridiculously good prices and they will get them to you super fast.

Anyway, if you feel you need a few of these just to spread the word, email me (greg at slashintercept dot com) your info and I’ll get them out. I even got wise to the size this time. They all fit in standard envelopes, thus saving me the added cost of oversized envelope mailings.

Guys, the next few weeks are going to be so rad. I hope everyone is ready. Don’t be like fools, be ready to die heavy.


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