002: Never Not Marketing



This landed in my mailbox yesterday. Interesting move by Big B. A spring/summer look book that seems a touch too derivative of the Levi’s campaign from a few seasons ago. You know the one that put Walt Whitman on the map.

But then again, it’s all been done before. The only thing that sells clothes to youth is the image of people trying to tell you what fun looks like. I promise you the models never really have that much fun creating those ads and if you tried to replicate the scenes you would grow tired of a rehearsed life. Lastly, if you remember that they are selling you a preconceived creative direction for fun, and just go hang with your friends, you will have more fun than anyone in that Levi’s ad.

At least the B catalog uses legit riders. I suspect those dudes are alright.

Whatever, the summer 2013 lookbook will look great stacked with the Crate & Barrel and Design Within Reach catalogs on an Ikea table.

I’ve seen some shit as of late. This is what it looks like to me:


As though my head wasn’t large enough. I really need to get a lower profile helmet. That thing is massive.


I suspect you boys ain’t from around here.
That’s some serious riding, before hitting the bar.


Soft focus. Like a dream come true.



Just to clarify that last image, because iFones are pretty much junk. It seems that we have Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl kicking it in front of their mountain. This is all standard, but on the right we have a Nascar truck. A Nascartruck. A NasCamino. If you will.

Dude was obviously, “To honor my people I am going to go with the Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl motif, but these Budweisers I’ve been tossing back got me thinking Nascamino.  Aww you know what? Fuck it. Imma do both. Best of both worlds, you know.”

Fun fact: There’s a stripmall Mexican joint in South Lake that has a version of that painting in which Poppcatepetl looks eerily like Danny Kass.

X-Games Tignes

Pulled my bike down and started checking it over the other night. Felt good.

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